Everything in its own time


I watch our youth, our boys and girls, at their fullest strength and energy, how carelessly they spend their lives, their days and their years, given from God; how they squander them in vain.

When meeting with my parishioners, I see a little girl transformed over night to an adolescent, and to a young woman, and a little boy turning into an adolescent, and a strong, young man, and I have to always ask: “When will the young man or the young woman get married?” To that question my parishioners stare at me puzzled and turn my serious and sincere question into a joke. And, like a mantra I keep telling my story, that as the wise Solomon says, there’s a time for everything; therefore, there’s a time, established by God, for young people to get married.

To make my story short, the parents, especially the mothers, answer for their “sweethearts”: “Let it be father, he/she is still a child, he/she should finish the school first and to live a little.” To those “wise” words, if I still could say anything- because there’s no point to speak in vain- I would say that the only thing a young man can get from that “living a little” is that all the women are the “same” and “easy”. “ We can get girl’s kisses for free, so why getting married?”

Parents have many reasons for putting off indefinitely the growing up of their children and their maturing through marriage and the start of a family, but the school is their number one reason.” What about school, father?” I’ve been talking and talking how school is something very natural and usual, a common part of life. One does not need to be especially wise or talented to finish school. I’ve met in my life people decorated with diplomas and titles; with some of them one would not leave even three sheep drawn on a piece of paper to look after. They would loose them.

When we talk about school and putting off the real life because of it, those very ambitious parents and their children should open their souls to the following possibility. It is well known that most youth become sexually active in their mid teenage years, that is 16, or 17, and some of them unfortunately even younger.  The school, if we talk about prestigious professions, ends when they are in their thirties. The best and most fertile years are spent in futile brutalization, cheating and mistreatment of their bodies, and mucking of their souls.  When they had enough, and they got tired of one another, they bounce off each other like two deflated balls. there’s nothing to keep them together, nothing to stand out of their selfishness. After their irresponsible living there’s nothing left, just failure and the bitter taste of sin.

Isn’t it more advisable then, that the parents, on both sides, honest and in good faith, get together and say: Since our children already live together let’s get them married so God can bless their life together. They can keep studying and finishing their schools, but they can also in the meantime bring forth our grandchildren. Whatever becomes of their marriage, it will stay conceived right under their heart, to fulfill their lives.

I remember one occurrence  in particular. Two young people, of two reputable Serbian families, through folk dance, thank God, fell in love. it was so beautiful to watch them happy and in love. I suggested to one family first and then to the other to bring them to the altar. School came before the happiness of these young people. The parents didn’t even try to understand my words and what I was trying to say.  A few years later, they broke up. The girl married into another culture, and he stayed unmarried. We have lost one reputable family, and the parents probably see now what they had lost.  I believe they would take my advise more seriously now.

These are the times of the Evil, times of fighting against God. A sinful man is trying to take everything from God’s hands and to taylor the world to fit the devil. Our Heavenly Father wants our children to marry on time; to have children and to conquer the God’s creation. God blessed our ancestors Adam and Eve and said to them: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28) This is the very first commandment given to us before all the other commandments, before the Decalogue, obtained on Mount Sinai.

Engineers of human souls, creators of the world in which there is no room for God, have already succeeded to establish a new system of values and to instill devil’s priorities and not God’s into our souls. Marriage and family are the first values that they are offending. “In today’s society marriage is becoming more of an exception rather than the rule“, I read on the internet. Less and less people want to get married and among those who do get married  the divorce rate is increasing quickly. The media present the marriage as something to take lightly. The movies, soap-operas, commercials and everything else we watch, magazines that we read promote prodigal life style. Sex before marriage is okay. “Try before you buy”. And many other things that suggest that people should not get married. Completely opposite from what God defined.

God is love, joy, life; they are death. They will do anything to prevent life. A pill before, a pill after; a pill “on the first morning”, abortions. “Family planning”. For heaven’s sake, this planet is too small; there’s not enough air for everyone; we’ll run out of water supply, people will be hungry. Therefore, everything is put to service of death: wars and revolutions, gayism, hunger and plagues. 

They extended the schooling to the infinity. Men and women obtain their coveted diplomas when young men are not young anymore, but bald and grey, and young women are not young anymore but have lost all the joy of life. In the meantime rivers of beer have been drunk in bars and restaurants; many partners have been tried and they are so numerous that their names are forgotten. When a person learns that everything is permitted, that there are no boundaries, and when the parents allow and agree to that it becomes very difficult to accept the boundaries abruptly and to take on responsibilities.  And then cold-heartedly, he/she is required to build a career, and to work from dusk till dawn, in the work place and during work hours and even more so during so called free time, at midnight, at noon, in the morning, in the evening to drudge for them. They give him/her a pager or a mobile phone so they can reach them anytime, anyplace. What is left for them to do other  than to get into bed drained, exhausted, and frustrated and to do it all over again the following morning.

Will the girl who thinks that she gained the independence with her diploma, when her days sneak out on her, and her life had gone irretrievably, will she cuddle and talk and share joy with that lifeless piece of paper?

And the ambitious parents that want to pass onto children their unfulfilled wishes, when they come to their senses they would advise their children differently and set different priorities for them but then it is too late. 

“Rejoice in the wife of your youth”, is God’s word (Proverbs 5:18). In spite of that, we see that the age of marriage is pushed as late as possible, to the point when even the thought of marriage had lost its purpose. A few decades ago people used to get married in their twenties; in the USA in the sixties the average age for marriage was 22; and nowadays, if they decide to marry they do it in their thirties.

“Previous generations were raised to learn that marriage was the only way to fulfill the role of a woman as a wife and a mother. Nowadays, it is the opposite; one can only fulfill her role of a woman outside these two roles. A twenty-year old bride is now looked upon with sadness the same way a thirty-year old spinster (or bachelorette as they call it nowadays) was long time ago.It was believed some time ago that the husband and the children were the purpose of a woman’s life and identity; nowadays they are peripheral additions once the full identity has been achieved.” (Danielle Crittenden, “What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us”, 2005)

The conflict that started long time ago between God and the devil continues nowadays in terms of marriage and family. The devil succeeded to spoil the first marriage, established in heaven, and to temporarily -and that temporarily has been lasting for thousands of years- gloat how marriage is not possible. And God wants us to prove to Him that marriage is attainable. And all of us that make sacrifices to retain the marriage, are doing an act of God, so God can tell to His opponent: You walk the earth all the time, have you seen servants of mine i.e. Jovan and Andjelija how happily married they are.

We can turn the blind eye and stick our head in the sand but the bitter truth is that the fight for conquering the earth and its greatness by giving birth and increasing in number, has been carrying on for a long time. While those who fight against God are doing everything they can to prevent marriage, and giving birth to children, the ones that are deaf to their clamour keep doing their job: giving birth to children and increasing quickly in number so they could conquer the planet. Dozens of European nations- and Serbs are at the top- have surpassed the point of no return of being extinct.

The muslims in England have made it clear already that their intention is to turn this once Christian country into a Shariah.

Weakened and pallid Christians of Europe and America could not care less that the most rigid and darkest islamic countries are formed all around the world. They are trying very hard to break the orthodox Russia that has turned to the Christian values. 

Considering all this and keeping it in mind, I repeat to all to whom this may concern to think twice and to set their priorities straight to fit God’s will and to foresee what their “tomorrow” or even “the day after tomorrow” will be like and what their priorities will be and what decisions they will not regret in the years to come.