What lies ahead of us -2-


Why am I making this such an issue? I am doing it because I know that everything that happens in America spills over quickly, as a poisonous smoke, because the soldiers of woke religion insatiably inhale that smoke and spread it all over the world. The consequences will be tragic. Those church communities, Orthodox ones in the first place, which will not adhere to this and other similar laws, will be burdened with unbearable taxes, because they will lose the status of public institutions, and will be forced to padlock the doors of their churches.

Tony Perkins, president of a pro-family oriented organization in the United States, says the law is “the greatest assault on religious freedom, biological reality, and parental rights ever seen in the U.S. Congress.” Among many other things, the bill redefines what it means to be “male and female”; it politicizes medicine, etc. Contrary to their beliefs and conscience, doctors will be forced to perform abortions, mutilate human genitalia, and prescribe drugs that help gender reassignment. A confused child comes to a doctor, their teenage hormones raging out of control, and asks – because it is a trend and everyone encourages them to do so – the doctor to operate, or to prescribe a long-term therapy leading to sex change. If the doctor tries to advise and dissuade them from that course of action, as a father would, his license goes down the drain.

Fighters for “freedom from religion”, who are in fact detainees and fanatics of their woke fundamentalist faith, are threatening with a lawsuit the state of Mississippi if the inscription, “In God We Trust”, is not removed from the registration plates. They have already tried that with American banknotes, but for now they have not been successful in court.

Journalist Mika Kurtis, who often writes about this plague, went to a transgender hairdressing salon to get a haircut. The hairdresser, when he saw his cross tattooed, refused to provide service. They will be allowed to refuse anything and everything to the believers, whereas it would not be acceptable if reversed. Unfortunately, that is going to be the sad future reality of mankind.

Unlike us, dormant and unrecognizably weakened Christians, enemies of God are constantly and persistently doing their job. We do not know what tomorrow brings, although it doesn’t take much for a wise man to realize what they have in store for us. Yet, we are still not doing anything significant to prepare for the arrival of dreary times. They are planning not for a year, two, five, but for hundreds of years ahead. Time is their friend. The successes they achieve are empowering and encouraging them to aim higher and do more. There is already a growing trend of Americans becoming atheists. In the last thirty years alone, since 1991, their number has increased by 266 percent. 23.1 percent of Americans declare themselves atheists. They surpassed Roman Catholics and Evangelicals, not to mention other, smaller denominations.

As I said before, this has been going on for a long time. Sixty years ago, on June 14, 1961, Father Seraphim Rose wrote to his mother, stating the reasons why he was forced to leave the university. He says, “The love of truth has vanished from people today; those who have minds have to prostitute their talents to thrive… If Christ were to walk in this world today, do you know what would happen to Him? He would be placed in a mental institution and undergo psycho-therapy, and the same would happen to His Saints…. for it is against the law to preach the Truth in our universities… We say that we live in a Christian society, but that is not true; paganism and hatred towards Christ are greater in the today’s society than in the society in which Christ was born into.”

Huge amounts of money, drained from sweat of billions of ordinary, everyday people, have been and are still being invested in the secularization of this unfortunate planet, leaving it godless. Those who stole for their benefit, who plundered thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions, and then called themselves philanthropists and “benefactors”; if they would set aside a small part of their wealth for the hungry, they could feed this entire world in an instant. Alas, no! They invest in abortions and all sorts of sexual deviations, on getting control over school systems of all countries of the world, and on all sorts of wrongdoings. The ever-present George Soros has set aside 32 billion for his worldwide network of enemies of God, who are doing their pernicious deeds to kill God in people, and with his so called “colored” revolutions, he causes havoc all over the world. Of that sum, over 15 billion was spent on these “charitable” purposes, and he was declared “the greatest benefactor of all time”. Szilard Demeter, an official of the Hungarian government, says that Europe is George Soros’ gas chamber. “Toxic gas flows from the capsule of a multicultural Open Society, which is deadly to the European way of life,” he says. He described Soros as a “liberal Führer”, emphasizing that “his liber-Aryan army of businessmen deifies him more than did Hitler’s own.” Rudi Giuliani publicly marked Soros as the Antichrist.

What is happening around us while we helplessly watch in silence, is that the Antichrist’s apprentices are paving the way for their master. The strange happenings that befell us, and this present one that we are going through, are only a rehearsal, perhaps the final one, before his arrival. And just as we think that this world has been soiled, tainted and finally utterly defiled in the mud of immorality, we always learn of something new and more pernicious, until all the goals of the Antichrist are finally achieved.

LGBTQs in California are demanding a Bible ban. According to their bill, which has largely undergone official reviews, any publication of the word of God that refers to marriage, family and Christian values ​​is prohibited. Following the example of Denmark and Norway, and some other countries, children will be taken away from their parents due to, as they say, Christian indoctrination. In Vancouver, Robert Hoogland was jailed, and he was denied bail, because, as a father, he opposes the change of his daughter’s gender. The BC Supreme Court declared the biblical quotes referring to sexual perversions to be hate speech. The day is nearing when they will be swarming all over churches to hunt down priests who dare to point to the Third Book of Moses, the first chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, and to other places where God, the Creator and the Almighty, clearly expressed His will.